What influences connectedness
& connectivity?

We are happy to present yet another webinar titled "What influences connectedness & connectivity? " on the 30th of April at 8.00 am IST (29th April at 10.30pm EST/Canada) with none other than Bhanu Didi.

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Bhanumathi Narasimha, popularly known as Bhanu Didi, is a teacher of meditation and has traveled the world, taking Guruji’s knowledge to people from all walks of life.

She is a social entrepreneur and the Director of The Art of Living’s Women and Children Welfare Programs. She is also the Concept Creator (chairperson) of the International Women’s Conference. In 2007, Bhanumathi was awarded the prestigious Sadguru Gnanananda National Award (India) for her unwavering dedication to social development and to women’s issues. She is also a gifted singer with many albums to her credit.

Bhanu Didi has grown up with Guruji and seen life through the Master’s eyes. Spending time with her is akin to touching Guruji’s life: understanding his vision and knowledge, applying it to everyday life – all the while sparkled with stories from their childhood. Bhanu Didi will also be sharing her memories of Guruji’s birthday on May 13th.

Join our Webinar to find out more. Ask your questions and find out how we can progress on the spiritual path by being close to the Master.

This Webinar is open to all those who have attended the Art of Living Part 1 Course.



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