Can breath really make me happy, Guru Sri Sri (Ravi) Shankar?

Karnataka, India
21st June 2011

BERLIN - Bangalore, 2007, the South India. 2.5 million people silently listen to the words of their master Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one of the great thinkers of our time. At the "World Culture Festival" (2 / 3 July) in the Olympic stadium, he wants to inspire 70 000. Stress knows not the "crown jewel of Yoga", he breathes troubles away. To the KURIER, he explained the art of deep relaxation and happiness.

His fluttering robe is snow white, he has pitch-black shining hair and beard. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar floats through the room, an aura of relaxation envelopes him, he smiles gently. No wonder, anger is a 55-year-old alien. 30 years ago, the Indian founded The Art of Living and has since lived on a cloud of happiness.The "Crown Jewel of Yoga" brings nothing but rest. The interview with Sri Sri  was rest in itself for the reporter Marcus Böttcher, KURIER.

KURIER: Gurudev, how to find inner peace?

Gurudev: Get rid of stress, excess, greed; get instead harmony and peace.

And with annoying bosses, friends or neighbors?

It doesn’t matter. I teach a special type of breathing. Breath connects the inner world within us and the world outside our bodies.

Can really anyone get this?

Gurudev: A big yes. After four days of training, anyone can practice the meditation method.

Even his two continuously flashing mobile phones do not disturb the serenity of the spiritual leader."The trick is to laugh at what may happen to you too." Gurudev (the title means "Holy Holy") repeated several times this sentence: "What we all want is life without stress." Especially Shankar sees a point which the West can learn from the Orient. He speaks, packs up the phone, smiles and gently floats out of the room, with the luck in tow.

Author M. Böttcher

The original article appeared in German in Berliner Kurier on 7 June 2011.