Casablanca Correctional Center

The Beginning

A female teacher from The Art of Living conducted a course at the Casablanca Correctional Center on January 15, 2007. Around thirty five juvenile delinquents and five correctional officers participated.

The Impact

The participants had several healing experiences, which led the Prison Management and The Ministry of Justice to build new facilities for one hundred boys in the correctional center who were living in the space meant for thirty people with only two toilets.

More Programs

The Director of Youth Prisons then organized a program for forty female juveniles in the Casablanca Correctional Center. From January to April 2007, two hundred youth delinquents and twenty educators underwent this life-transforming program.


“Usually, nobody visits us in the prison; nobody asks how we are doing! This is why we will never forget the atmosphere of love and care during the workshop.” - A Juvenile Delinquent

“I was impressed by the transformation among the course participants and especially by the strong connection and feeling of belongingness between the young prisoners and the correctional officers.” - Mrs. Assiae Loudie, Director of Youth Prisons