Earth Day - Celebrate
it your way!

Robert Swan, a noted polar explorer once said that, the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Marked recognition of environmental threats like global warming, climate change, overpopulation, waste disposal, natural resource depletion and more are proof enough that the world is rising in unison to address these issues in every capacity, large or small. We are in a state of planetary emergency, with these issues piling up high around us. Unless we pay attention to our planet prudently we are surely doomed for disaster.

An extremely effective way to draw attention or globalize a concept is to mark a ‘Day’ to commemorate it, and hence the ‘Earth Day’ is much deserved and called for. On Earth Day, cities, businesses, and individuals all roll out the green carpet. Big brands, corporate houses or organizations are often found touting Earth Day initiatives, or selling products more organic than the other options. But that’s what they do. And you? Did you know there are lots of easy and fun ways to celebrate Earth Day that can actually make a difference all year long? Here are a few of them:


Watch your water use

The little things can make a big difference. If you are not watching your running taps or leaky toilet, you might be wasting 200 gallons of water a day! Using the bucket instead of a shower and the RO drain water for the garden can all be small ways of contributing to save the planet.


Plant trees and grow your own food

This Earth Day, plant one thing that can be consumed by your family. Maybe it’s just a few basil plants, or maybe it’s an entire garden. Put it on your windowsill, your fire escape, or your kitchen wall. But no matter what, get something growing. It’s organic, healthy and adds green to the planet.


Go solar

You’re probably tempted to skip right over this option because you either don’t own a house or don’t have the finances to install solar panels on it. But wait! Smaller solar harvesting devices are now the talk of the town, from pocket-sized phone chargers to portable multi-panel kits. Switching just one or two devices to solar power can save you some serious money and take some pressure off the grid.


Share a ride

Or simply cycle or walk to work! Carpooling, using public transport, or simply hitchhiking to save fuel for maybe 2-3 days a week can make a huge difference.


Explore the Earth

Despite the environmental threats our planet is facing, Mother Nature is still a wonder to explore. Earth Day is about enjoying and taking care of the planet. Go for nature walks, hike, explore star gazing, or scuba diving! Reconnecting with nature is the best way to remind yourself why we’re fighting so hard to protect it.

Good planets are hard to find, so don’t blow it. Besides ours is the only one with chocolates and coffee!

This article was written by Anamika Khosla and was published on April 22, 2016.