Chikmagalur farmers rejoice as water level goes up due to Vedavati project

Chikmagalur, Karnataka: The first phase of the Vedavati River rejuvenation project is underway, and within a month bore wells have enough water to irrigate the surrounding farms again. The water level, which was about 1000ft below ground level, has gone up after the construc¬tion of recharge wells. Water is now available at just 250-300ft below ground level.

Some of the recently dug bore wells hit the water table at 110 ft. The first phase of rejuvena¬tion is complete, and 810 works have been completed, including the construction of injection well and bore well, as well as recharg¬ing of wells, ponds and lakes. Dried up water sources and wells were also cleaned up.

The second phase of the project is scheduled to start soon, and there are about 1620 more works to be completed. Residents of the 52 villages of Lakya Hobli have joined hands with the organiza¬tion to make this project a suc¬cess, said project coordinator Nagaraj.
Small streams feeding the Ve¬davati, a tributary of the Tungab¬hadra, flow from a height of 1471 meters above sea level, at the ini¬tial stage. Expanding its base, the Vedavati crosses Chitradurga and joins the Tungabhadra in Andhra Pradesh. Lakya Hobli spreads over an area of 377.52 sq. km., and is good for storing water.

Water recharge wells contain 40 mm of jelly and charcoal layers that help in filtration of water. The boulders help easy percola¬tion of water into the ground. An injection well is fitted with concrete holes which help water to percolate easily. Art of Living volunteers and the local gov¬ernment have joined hands for the Vedavati river rejuvenation project, which comes under the MNREGA scheme. About 1555 people are active participants, and the project is providing not only water to the inhabitants but also employment, said Nagaraj.

Nagaraj can be reached at +91 9611808086.


Reported by Mallapa D. Belamge.