CIVIL SOCIETY REPRESENTATIVE FROM AUSTRALIA: Guruji, according to a local Australian report, young adults in Australia have significant higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety than the general population. Now, even though we have been teaching Art of Living Courses, and we are helping a number of young adults, how should we reach the masses and make a big difference there?

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: I leave you with a thought, you may get many ideas and whatever ticks, you apply that. Our goal is same - we have to reach out to young people, and make them feel happy and free from stress. Once the goal is there, then you proceed, and see whatever works, that is what is essential, right? Creating awareness, getting them to do some social work together - all this would help. Sitting together and meditating, and helping people who are with less advantages, disadvantaged people; we have to inspire people to do some team work, some seva activity, service activity, right?