Cleanliness Awareness Program

Inspired by Breath-Water-Sound workshop, 380 Students (8th to 10th Standard) of the New English School took part in a Cleanliness Awareness Program conducted on 9th Nov 2006

Cleanliness Camp

In February 2007, the ‘Nirmal Gram Abhiyan’ (Clean Village Campaign) was undertaken, the objective of which was to create awareness regarding health, hygiene and the importance of cleanliness. Volunteers along with Breath-Water-Sound participants cleaned the entire village for the whole day, segregated the disposals and showed villagers how to take care of garbage.

Hooghly Flood Relief Program

During the flood in West Bengal, and especially in the district of Khanakul, almost all mud houses were destroyed. This left thousands homeless, sick and penniless.

The Art of living volunteers, along with distributions of clothes, dry food items and medicines, also implemented methods to stop the spread of water-borne diseases like influenza and thyroid in the flood-hit areas.

Breath-Water-Sound workshops were conducted to help villagers to come out of the trauma.