Conference Proceedings

CCS 2008
  • The conference saw a positive interaction between different economies of the world. They agreed that the crisis facing the world today is not something that can merely be solved through consultation between governments or between businesses.
  • “Policymakers would tend to think we need better codes of ethics and in some sense that would seem to be true. More transparency would help. Having a code of ethics is not enough to get out of the bubble-phenomenon. We need people who can spot when bubbles form. Read More

These leaders need to be courageous, ethical, perceptive and politically powerful” said Mr. Michael Klein, Vice-President, Financial and Private Sector Development, The World Bank.

“If you speak of uncertainty, the only solution is trust. And, trust comes from human values. And the key question is: how to earn decent money, decently. Ethics is good for business. Just like optimism, ethics is a moral duty and presents an opportunity – a business opportunity,” said Prof. Rudy Aernoudt, Former Head of Enterprise Financing, European Commission.

Some of the other prominent speakers include:

  • Dr. Sali Berisha, Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania
  • Nirj Deva, British Member of European Parliament
  • Mr. Jan Muehlfeit Chairman Europe, Microsoft Corporation