Dialogue & spiritual education is the key to tackle the Maoist issue

Alabama, United States
23rd June 2009

BANGALORE: Reacting to the ban on the Maoists by the Center, Art of Living founder and humanitarian,

His Holiness Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar today said,“Banning Maoist groups may not help. Their ideology may have to be countered by dialogue, inspiration and importantly, spiritual education. Just declaring someone as a terrorist will only justify our actions but may not bring a change in their mindsets.”

Analyzing the situation further, he said,“Lack of spiritual education has led to the rise of Maoism. Most Maoists are Hindus. Sadly, they have not been given education about their own spirituality, which is the reason why they have taken to this path of violence.”

Further emphasizing the need for spiritual education among youth, he said,“In the name of secularism, we have eliminated spiritual content from our education altogether. A country like India which has taken spirituality to the West is facing problems such as naxalism and terrorism. And that is because of the lack of spiritual education” he added.

In this context, Gurudev urged the government to start spiritual education in all government schools and colleges, which will teach children the beauty that exists in all religions so that the children grow up developing a reverence for people from all religious backgrounds.