DR. MYRON SCHOLES: Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences and Professor Emeritus from Stanford Graduate School of Business from U.S.A: Good to be with you now in your Google Hangout. It’s nice to see you! I have a couple of questions for you. You believe strongly and hold conferences about Ethics and Morality in Business. Most people are motivated by incentives, you know, the carrot or  penalties and  the stick. How do you take your ideas about ethics in the conferences you hold and the discussions you have about ethics and make it into actual practice? That is one of my questions.        

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: You know there is a misnomer that if people do ethical business, they can’t do well; and only by doing work in some wrong ways, they are able to enhance their business or achieve their goals. This misnomer had to be corrected. There are ample examples where people went in unethical ways and they came right down. So, examples of ethical businesses will have to be showcased so more  people  will be inspiredto do ethical business.

DR. MYRON SCHOLES: The second question I have for you is, although I believe that unconditional love is the key to creativity, this is not the common belief amongst scientists. Most scientists believe that spirituality plays an insignificant role in scientific discovery. Why is this so? How do you describe the opposite?

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: It’s all between the right and left brain. Many scientists are realizing today that there is an ‘Emotional Quotient’ and a ‘Spiritual Quotient’, which definitely works, and which cannot be ignored. Many recent researches have indicated that meditation, singing and chanting have a tremendous impact on the system; even at the DNA level. So research will show; all that we need to see is that we don’t get blocked by prejudice of any sort, because prejudice is anti-scientific. Unfortunately, even some scientists today get clogged by or calcified by prejudice. They need to keep themselves young; always update themselves with  the latest scientific data, and keep that window  of possibilities open where spirit or spirituality plays a definite role.