Drivers breathe easy to
combat road stress

To increase road safety, The Art of Living launched the Road Peace campaign in association with the Children & Mother Welfare Society in February 2007.

The General Directorate of Traffic supported this initiative that included stress-elimination workshops for 30 drivers.

A workshop for 40 drivers of BRAMCO company was held at the company premises in March 2007. This was the first of similar workshops that reached out to over 400 drivers of the company. About 25 drivers and operators of heavy vehicles took part in the Art of Living Alertness Program at Gulf House Market in July 2007. Many reported better abilities on the road after practicing the stress-elimination programs which were taught at the course.

Road safety for children

To spread awareness on road safety, the first Traffic Festival was held from April 29 – May 1, 2008 in association with the Children & Mothers’ Welfare Society and the General Directorate of Traffic. Held for the public, with an emphasis on the youth, the festival was attended by children from many schools. Education on road safety and traffic rules was imparted through multimedia presentations and interactive sessions. To reduce stress when driving, special breath techniques were imparted. Children went back with slogans such as: “It’s cool to be safe”, “In a Jam, breathe” and “Belt up Bahrain”.