Do Something Now (DSN)

Break the boundaries of your mind

Do Something Now

We all have personal barriers, old habits, or inhibitions that hold us back and keep us from fully participating in life. Yet we all have a deep desire to be the best we can be - for ourselves, our families, our communities and even the world around us. 

DSN, which stands for Do Something Now, helps you to break the boundaries of the mind to discover your full potential. 

Why do I need to break my barriers? I’m happy the way I am!

Because it would make you a happier person, whose capabilities are more expanded than you could ever imagine.

You would discover the freedom of overcoming your fears  

Explore the role that YOU could play in creating a positive change in society

Break down concepts that you had about yourself and your abilities

Program Details

Open to all those who have
completed the Art of Living
Happiness Program

Usually for the whole day

3-day program


Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

World-Renowned Humanitarian and Spiritual Leader

“The DSN opens you up, uplifts your energy. All dormant energy becomes more active turning the mouse into a lion; turning an ordinary man into a Buddha. The DSN removes all the barriers and boundaries which you have put on yourself. DSN is love in action. One experiences the limitlessness of the Self.”

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