The Volunteer / Pre-Teacher Training is an intensive program which empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to become dynamic speakers and Introductory Workshop facilitators for Art of Living Courses.

Grow personally,
professionally and spiritually.

Overcome personal barriers and expand to your full potential.

Develop a supportive community
to grow and volunteer with

Workshop Contents

A two-weekend training, with a week of service learning between

“I decided to take the volunteer training program in 2015 as my next stage of inner learning and transformation. I wasn't sure what to expect so adopted the mindset to be fully present and open to all it had to offer. My experience was extremely profound! We created a vulnerable space and through each exercise I tapped into learning different parts of myself.

The group connected really well and have since developed wonderful friendships. I highly recommend this transformative journey to anyone looking to delve deeper into 'self' and to expand their consciousness.”

- Hayley Gigi Polak