Can't Stick to Your Meditation
Practice? (Part-2)

This is continued from 'Can't Stick to Your Meditation Practice? (Part-1)'

#4 choose a meditation technique that you enjoy and find effective and stick to it

It is better not to keep changing techniques. We suggest practising either Sahaj Samadhi Meditation or Hari Om meditation. However, if you really like one of the other guided meditations from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar then by all means practise that.

#5 Make your meditation as effective and enjoyable as possible by preparing for your session

Within the time you have at your disposal, prepare for your meditation with a few stretches and some pranayama, such as bhastrika and nadi shodhana pranayama, if you know them, or chant Om or Om Namah Shivaya out loud for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long to get into “the zone” and it’s worthwhile to spend a few minutes calming the chattering mind before beginning your meditation. However if you don’t have time to prepare, just chant Om three times and start.

#6 Turn off your internal phone and that little plastic and metal one as well

Make a conscious decision to turn off your internal phone before starting. That means you’re not interested in receiving any incoming“calls” from any of your senses – you don’t want to hear or see anything. You’re not going to activate your “to do list” and you are dropping whatever wants you have, including even wanting a “good” meditation. Feel that for the time that you’ll be meditating you are not going to do anything. You’re simply going to rest.

Don’t forget to turn your “external” phone off as well!

#7 Encourage your friends and family to meditate

If you’re in a relationship, the participation of your partner and maybe even the kids, will make it easier for you to fit in your meditation. However, if they aren’t interested, don’t press them. Maintain your practice and know that the whole family is benefitting from your meditations. You could also invite some of your friends to come and meditate with you.

#8 Don’t be discouraged if you get interrupted or you sometimes have to shorten your meditation

Stuff happens - kids may insist on your attention or household dramas may unfold. Don’t get upset if you have to cut your meditation short occasionally. You’re in for the long haul, so it’s not a problem if you get interrupted occasionally. At the same time do gently but firmly insist that you want that time for yourself.