Meditation Roots out Boredom

Q – What is meditation?

Meditation is doing nothing, wanting nothing and being nothing. If you think you are somebody, you cannot meditate. When you meditate, the mind automatically settles down and becomes still

Q - What is the need for meditation and relaxation?

When you relax, the mind expands. Have you noticed what happens when you are happy? Something inside you starts expanding. And what happens when you are unhappy? Something inside you starts shrinking. So, when you relax the body, the mind starts blossoming.

Q – What is the ultimate goal of meditation?

A pleasant equanimous state of mind: A blissful life without worries..

Q – What are the advantages of meditation?

Deep and continuous mediation roots out boredom. If you are unable to meditate because your mind is chattering too much, just feel that you are a little stupid, and then you will be able to sink deep in meditation. Meditation erases the impression and improves expression. Anytime you are confused and your mind is in conflict, do asanas, there will be clarity right away. All the conflict and duality are cleared. Only sadhna can annihilate the seeds of negativity and the tendency of conflict in you.

Q - Between Meditation and prayer, which is preferable?

Meditation is a better form of prayer. In prayer, you ask for something. Meditation is saying “I am ready to listen”. Just imagine if somebody only keeps on asking and is not ready to listen to you. You will get frustrated. In the same way, divine also gets frustrated. But when you sit for meditation and are ready to listen to him, he bestows all the favours on you.

First published in the book, 'Question Basket'.

Graphics by Niladri Dutta