Meditatsioonid & Muusika

Soovi korral võite meilt osta plaadid muusika ning meditatsioonidega (eesti, vene ja inglise keeles). Eesti keelde on tõlgitud raamat "Pühitsedes vaikus", mida saab ka osta. Lisaks inglise ja venekeelsed raamatud. Kokkuleppimisel võib tellida kauba juurde. Küsimuste korral võtke meiega ühendust emaili teel


Full Moon Meditation / Täiskuu Meditatsioon


"Feel the moon rays on your face, let our mind absorbs the light of the full moon." 


This is a guided meditation specifically designed for use on the day when the moon is full. Meditations on this day are said to be equivalent to 100 meditations done on other days. This CD is a perfect purchase to enjoy a monthly full moon ritual at home.

Hind: 7 ˆˆ€

Saadaval eraldi eesti ja inglise keeles.


Blossom in your smile


“Allow your smile to spread throughout your whole body. Let every cell in your body start smiling. With a smile, take a deep breath in, and breathe out the negativity”.

As suggested by the title, the guided meditation on this CD centres around the smile and the positive effect that smiling has on our body.

Hind: 7 € 

Saadaval eraldi eesti ja inglise keeles.




Eternal Reflection / Igaviku Peegeldused



This CD contains two guided meditations by H.H. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The Panchokosha Meditation draws the attention inwards and to the body; the Aura Meditation expands and draws attention to the subtle body.  

Effortlessly following the instructions on the CD can help you to a deep experience of peaceful meditation

Hind: 8,50 €

Saadaval eraldi eesti ja inglise keeles.


Om Meditation / Om Meditatsioon


"Om" is the shortest Mantra. Chanting this ancient sound has an invigorating effect on body and mind.

This CD contains a guided meditation around this mantra. Following the instructions in meditating and chanting "Om" leads to a profound and uplifting meditation.

Hind: 8,50 €

Saadaval eraldi eesti ja inglise keeles.




Vaikuse kingitus


Beauty is an inner feeling, an inner awakening. When the negativity and stiffness in you dissolve, then deep inside you recognise the perfection in creation. Waves of beauty, waves of bliss, rise through your entire being.’

This CD contains three meditations guided by Gurudev: Transforming Emotions, Contentment Meditation, Space Meditation.

Guided meditations are perfect for those who are new to meditation, but even seasoned meditators comment on the depth of experience they can bring.

Hind: 8,50 €

Saadaval eesti keeles.



Päikese Meditatsioon



This CD contains a guided meditation on sunlight.  Follow the instructions on the CD to enjoy an effortless meditation while you bask in sunlight.

Hind: 7 €

Saadaval eesti keeles.




Hari OM


“Ha” means the pain and sufferings.  

“Ri” means the remover.  

“Hari” means which removes all the pain and sufferings.  

This CD contains a guided meditation by Gurudev, in which Hari Om is chanted. In doing so, the energy or prana is raised from “Ha” prana into “Ri-Om” prana. The meditator moves through the seven centres of their body where energy manifests in different emotions.

Hind: 8,50 €

Saadaval eesti keeles.



Eternity by Philipp Fraser


Hind: 8,50 €


A popular collection of music prepared by Philip Fraser and his bamboo flute. With his 

compositions `Space' and `Dissolve', Philip takes us on a restful and spacious journey within. 







Hind: 12 €


Professional musician Sahil shows, in this CD, a complete new style of singing bhajans. 10 tracks including `Om namah Shivaya', `Om Namo Bhagavate' and `Hallelujah'. 





21st. KM by Keerti Mathur


Hind: 12 €


 "Participating in Satsang and singing bhajans has hugely inspired me and enhanced the quality of my life, for which I am so grateful to Guruji and the Art of Living one world family."

This CD includes songs like 'Om Namah Shivaya', 'Just breathe', Hanuman Chalisa' and 'Radiance Within' featuring Swami Sukhchaitanya. Keerti Mathur, a London based musician, attributes the Art of Living Foundation as the inspiration for this collection.

 This lively and modern CD is particularly enjoyed by the youth.



Yes - We Can


Hind: 12 €

This is an album from the musicians of Community Leadership Program YES - We Can! 122 young people from 30 countries came together to create a stress-free and violence-free Europe.  Purchases of this CD continue to support the YES We Can project.  

A wonderful collection of styles and moods, most of these songs are written by YES - We Can! participants and express the inspiration most of them experienced in their leadership training. One of the songs - a beautiful bhajan ‘Shiva Om Namah Shivaya’ - was written by Gurudev especially for the YES - We Can! 




Valentin - The Mountain of Love




Hind: 8,50 €

The Mountain of Love,' is the second CD from Valentin, produced by Craig Preuss.

This soothing and devotional selection features songs such as 'Kali Kali Ma’, ‘He Nanda Nanda La La’, ‘In your eyes I see’ and ‘Jaya Guru Om unplugged. 




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