Tree Plantation

Do we know a one-stop solution for the following? Global warming, soil erosion, depletion of soil fertility, reducing the Carbon footprint, bare grey concrete cities, Air pollution, Water pollution, Land pollution, Global warming and the thinning of Ozone Layer, soaring temperatures, weather patterns going haywire..... It is quite simple: Plant trees.

Trees are an expression of sacred life. They generate oxygen, beautify, provide shade, provide homes, help capture rain water, support bio-diversity and everything else mentioned above. They have been an integral part of every culture and tradition that human kind has evolved. Trees, analogous to being with nature, have been an immense source of peace. Forests are further the homes of so many indigenous species, whose loss would be critical for the balance of the eco-system. The need for trees is for the benefit of our own future generations. They are indeed guardians of our dear planet.

The Art of Living is focused on reviving a green earth and our volunteers around the world strive to make this positive difference by planting and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible.

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