What is a satsang? I noticed The Art of Living organizes events called satsangs where there is a lot of singing and dancing, like a party. It looks like a lot of fun, but what has that to do with stress relief or promoting human values?

As we all know today, the human brain has two hemispheres - the right half which is more connected to art and intuition, and the left half which is more connected to logic and reasoning. Some people are more logical and perhaps do not like music and dance. Others are more spontaneous and like dancing, but avoid logic or more intellectual activities. 

It’s important to develop both aspects for either of them to fully flourish, and this is what satsang is all about. It’s well known that geniuses like Einstein did not think only logically, but also very intuitively; with pictures. It doesn’t matter if right now you dance well or sing well – and don’t be surprised if not every satsang is a professional concert! Whether you sing well or not - it’s very beneficial to participate anyway. So at a satsang, there is some singing and dancing – in all languages from Sanskrit to Hebrew, from English to Polish, emphasizing the universality of our message. There is also some discussion on spiritual wisdom, i.e. there is a balance of intellectual activity and music.

To find out more, take the first step or join a program near you and ask the trainer!