You often cooperate with the International Association for Human Values. What is the connection between the two organizations?

The Art of Living closely cooperates with the International Association for Human Values; both organizations being founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. As a sister organization, co-operation often takes the practical form of supporting one another in a country where for example, the Art of Living has established a larger organization or vice-versa.

The International Association for Human Values works in five main areas:

  • Rural development and socio-economic progress
  • Human values-based education
  • Conflict management through dialogue
  • Humanitarian relief and post-disaster rehabilitation/reconstruction
  • Ethics in business

Since providing training courses is a large part of the Art of Living’s activities, co-operation on humanitarian projects frequently takes the form of providing volunteer trainers for trauma relief programs or social rehabilitation programs. For more information on the co-operation of our organizations, click here.