FAQs on Sudarshan Kriya

Michael Fischman : During the Art of Living Basic Course there is a lot of focus on the breath. Why is that?

Gurudev:Our breath plays a very important role in our life. The breath is the connecting link between the inner world of the mind and the outer world of the body and environment. You see, there are seven levels of existence: body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the Being. Meditation works by bringing an effect from the level of Being to the mind. With the breath we bring this effect to the physical level as well.

Michael Fischman:How did this knowledge come about?

Gurudev: The past several years, I have taught meditation and yoga to thousands of people all over the world. I noticed that there was something the people did not catch. They had very good experiences during meditation but on the level of the heart, joy and love did not seem to manifest and open up fully. When I began to give the Art of Living course and introduced people to Sudarshan Kriya, then there was a big difference. In a very short amount of time, people would open up.

Michael Fischman: How does the Sudarshan Kriya work?

Gurudev: There is a rhythm in nature. Seasons come and go. In your own body, there is a rhythm too. You feel hungry at a certain time and sleepy at a certain time.

The body has a particular rhythm. Life has a particular rhythm. Similarly, your breath also goes in a particular pattern. Your emotions move in a particular rhythm, as well as your thoughts. All these rhythms arise from your Being, which has its own rhythm. In Sudarshan Kriya we get into the rhythm of our Being and see how Being is permeating our emotions, our thoughts, our breath, and our bodies. Soon, every cell of the body becomes so alive and releases all the toxins and negative emotions it has stored from times past. Once again, we are able to smile from our hearts.

Michael Fischman:What effect does this practice have on relationships and the way we feel inside?

Gurudev: However you try to hide what you feel, it definitely reflects on your face and in your actions. So, when you feel good, naturally your relationships will be good. Trying to work on the surface, or just the relationship aspect without feeling good deep inside doesn’t seem to work. People who are trying to be what they are not become unnatural and create much more tension and stress. That is why one must go deep into the source of one’s nature, one’s Being and come from there. You see, I don’t say that you will never get upset again in life. You may still get upset but the quality of your life will not be the same. You will not get so caught up in your emotions for long periods of time. People have found that after they do the Sudarshan Kriya, they are able to come back to themselves very quickly.

Michael Fischman:What is the true meaning of life?

Gurudev: Ah . . . this you better find out for yourself. Don’t ask the meaning from me. It’s like asking me to chew your candy for you. It is not possible. Be with this question. I can tell you one thing, you are very fortunate that this question arises in your mind. One in a million people will get this question. It is a very sincere question. It means you have started your journey toward the light. Be with this question, and don’t be in such a hurry for a ready-made answer from somebody. Go deep into yourself and you will find out.

Q: I know it is important for me to be here with you. But I have a little conflict as it takes me away from my family. Could you comment?

Gurudev: You know when you are here and when you go deep and get rid of all the stresses, you are also helping your family out there. The good vibration that you produce in your system doesn’t just stay with you. Don’t think that your silence course is only benefiting you. You are being in silence, you are meditating - some of it goes to your family members as well. You may have noticed, some times you sit for mediation and nothing happens to you. And most of the meditation you know, the benefits of those meditations are going to people who have crossed the other side. So when you have to clear your debts you find balance not going up. Because debt is being cleared. So many times it happens.

There is an old saying “when you meditate the effect of it reaches to seven generations of the past and seven generations of the future.” So the genes with which you are connected u know affects all those seven generations the past and the future. That is a very common saying in India. People know it.

So a portion of our meditation, merits of our meditation goes to our near and dear ones. So you don’t have to have a conflict. And when you are at home doing your job, don’t think it is not spiritual. It is also my job. If you are taking care of your family know that it is not just your family it is Guruji's family also. So the whole world belongs to me and every body is a part of my family. So if you are taking care of your family you should know you are doing a seva, a work which is a part of AOL. And when you are here, you should know whatever you are doing you are also helping your kith and kin.Where is the conflict?