FIORELLA MIGLIORE: Actress from Paraguay: OK, our question today is - as in Paraguay we have so much corruption in all levels - political, social and commercial level. How can we function in this country and be effective without being involved in corruption? How can we fight corruption if it’s affecting most part of Paraguay and its system?

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: Corruption begins where a sense of belongingness ends. First, we need to create that sense of belongingness in people at the helm of affairs.  Second, a single individual cannot fight against corruption, it is difficult; they can but it is next to impossible, so it’s good to work in groups.  If a big group of people gather together and say we will not give bribe nor we will allow anyone to take bribe, then they can achieve something. A very significant improvement can happen in society.  So it’s good if you motivate people, inspire people to stand up against corruption. And if there is a pressure group that says we will not bend, or  beg down to corruption, then politicians will have to listen to them. Yes?