First free school in
Arunachal Pradesh

Sri Sri Gnan Mandir, the first free school in Arunachal Pradesh

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision of providing value-based education to marginalised sections of society, the Art of Living opened ‘Sri Sri Gyan Mandir’, a school that provides free education in Seppa, Arunachal Pradesh

The school offers free education to students from impoverished areas, most being first generation students.

“The students will be provided with uniforms, books, writing materials, etc to negate any factors that could prevent the children from attending school,” explained Pai Dawe, a local co-ordinator of The Art of Living.

“It is very encouraging to see parents who have never gone to school lining up to get their children educated. The response of the parents is so overwhelming that we have decided to start classes for the adult too ”,” said Project Co-ordinator Mitra Agarwal

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