First Prison Smart
Program in Bahrain

Fourteen women and 28 men underwent the first Prison SMART program held at the Reformation & Rehabilitation Directorate, Kingdom of Bahrain in January 2007.

A special six-day Youth Empowerment Seminar (Yes) was also held for juvenile prisoners at the Directorate on February 23, 2007. A stress-elimination course and Sri Sri Yoga course was also offered to the officials of the Reformation & Rehabilitation Directorate in March 2007.

"The course is highly useful as we can see the transformation in many of the inmates, not only in their habits but also in their attitude," said Lt. Jassim Al Mulla and Shawal Shaima Jassim Naseer, officers.

"I am happy that such a course has been extended to these youngsters who are going through a crucial stage in their life. I appreciate the role that The Art of Living is playing to help the inmates inculcate a new way of life,” he added.

The Director of Reformation & Rehabilitation Directorate, Lt. Col. Rashid Abdul Rehman A.Ghaffar Al-A. Aziz said he was very happy that The Art of Living course was offered to the inmates as a rehabilitation program that would inculcate a new way of life in them.