First YES! course at a UK school

In May 2010, the Art of Living Foundation (UK) presented the first-ever Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!) conducted exclusively for a UK school, Brent side High School in London. The group comprised 19 students, many of whom were of Christian Afro-Caribbean origin. The course included intensive interactive training on life skills, leadership and team-building skills and stress elimination through dynamic yoga and powerful breathing techniques to enhance focus and improve memory.

All students will receive AQA accreditation* in a range of units from communication skills, team-building, physical fitness, yoga and personal development and self-advocacy.

Feedback from the students

‘The YES! course I think was awesome and very abstract. It helped me to relax more even though I doubted it at first. It should be experienced by all as it was a great experience for me, especially the breathing techniques. I loved it.’

‘I loved it so much. Every single day I came and went home, feeling very happy and always smiling, all the time. I learned a lot of skills, which I would like to teach people. I had lots of fun and I am really going to miss it.’

‘I think that the YES course was brilliant and I have learned a lot from it. It has been a great experience and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone. I will definitely continue using the techniques I have learned from the cool instructors over the past four days.’

'This course was really fun for me, I enjoyed it a lot. It also helped me a lot - I got away from all my stresses. All thanks to YES! group I felt really light after all the yoga. I enjoyed it a lot, best four days of my life.’

‘This course has been very useful and I'm sure some time in life I will need to use them. These are life skills I will never forget.’

Students support children in Africa

The YES! Course inspired the children to take responsibility and plan community outreach programs. One of the initiatives is a talent show to raise funds for their chosen charity ‘Abaana’, which supports children in Africa.

AQA is the largest examining body in the UK and its Unit Award Scheme gives students recognition for their achievements.