Go Green Bahrain campaign: Environment Sustainability

A large number of saplings were planted at the Al-Areen Wildlife Sanctuary. To combat global warming, youngsters planted 50 Simarouba Glauca saplings on the Al Fateh coast, Manama in February 2007. These youngsters then pledged to tend to the trees for a minimum of three years for their sustainable growth.

Organized in association with the General Organisation for Youth and Sports (GOYS), this program was part of the Go Green Bahrain campaign.

The campaign is being encouraged and more people are participating in the efforts. In March 2007, children from a government school in Sitra and Sacred Heart School in Isa Town planted saplings.

Earth Day

The Art of Living’s Go Green Bahrain team celebrated Earth day (April 22, 2008) by planting Simarouba trees at the Star Cement Factory, Hidd. On May 13, 2008, the team planted 20 Simarouba trees at a public garden at Gufool, Salmaniya that was supported by the local municipality. Through pamphlets and short meets, the message of energy conservation and environmental preservation was spread throughout the country.

Tree Week

To spread the message about preserving, protecting and planting trees in Bahrain, The Art of Living participated in the Tree Week celebration organized by the municipality.

Over 30 Simarouba Gluaca saplings were planted at the Salmaniya Gardens during the event by dignitaries, other visitors along with school children and Art of Living volunteers. This event brought about wide spread awareness among young school children as well as public about preserving, protecting and planting trees in Bahrain.

The honorable Minister for Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs, Mr Mansoor Bin Rajab, honored The Art of Living for its contribution to the environment on February 27, 2007.