GROUP FROM TAIWAN: Yes Guruji, its already past 11 o’clock. Guruji. In Taiwan there are many youngsters, teenagers, college students, who committed suicide because of academic pressure and other stress. What should we do to avoid things from happening again?

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: You know this is where we need to teach our students, our youngsters, how to manage the mind. Now, stress is caused because of too much to do in too little time and no energy, this is the definition of stress. Now, either we need to encourage them to gain more energy - through breathing exercise, proper food, physical exercise and a relaxed mind - this is one thing to do, or reduce the work load on their head. The whole attitude towards life needs to be looked at again, and both parents and peers should not exert pressure on their kids or on their peers. This is an awareness that we need to create. I am sure that similar problem exists in many other countries; this is the issue we need to address. One thing I have found that when children do yoga and meditation, and they have some creative, cooperative games, not the competitive ones, and then their energy level goes up. It is the low energy level, low self esteem which causes a child to commit suicide.