GROUP FROM ZIMBABWE: Jai Guru Dev Guruji! We thank you for this opportunity to engage with you in this forum. Our main question as Zimbabwe is what can we do as Art of Living in Zimbabwe, in a culturally polarized society to bring about true democracy and peace?

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: You know I don’t have one solution for it, but I have one advice for you i.e. keep asking this question, never give up this question. Time and again you will get many ideas, and as a group when you brainstorm, many ideas will come. Discuss which would suit the best and which would take the country forward, just go ahead with it. You know there can’t be one ready-made solution, but this question itself is very important. If citizens start asking how can we bring down this polarization? How can we unite people? How can we make the country progress faster? These intriguing questions should be kept alive, and that is the first step of the solution I would feel.