Guru leads Calgary meditation movement

18 Apr 2013

A local group is trying to encourage people to recharge their bodies through mediation and held a session at the Red and White Club on Thursday led by the legendary Ravi Shankar.

Over a hundred people were practicing meditation at the club and many will also take part in a larger mediation group this weekend.

The BMO Centre at Stampede Park will host the I Meditate Movement on Sunday led by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

"Though meditation and yoga, breathing exercise come from the eastern tradition, it does not conflict with any belief system. It's purely a technique which you can use to benefit yourself. In fact, it complements whatever faith you are following,. Meditation helps you to go deeper into that," said Shankar.

The event costs $65 and people can register by visiting the I Meditate website.

courtesy : The loop