'Hangout' with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on January 26

Karnataka, India
26th January 2013

A unique online dialogue on 'What we can do for a violence-free, stress-free society' on Google+ Hangout

Bengaluru (India), January 23, 2013: World leaders representing 18 countries will interact with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the first Global Online Meet of Concerned Citizens for a Violence-Free Stress-Free Society. This event, organized by the Art of Living, will be witnessed by millions of people from over 60 countries.

“Social Media is a platform that showcases public opinion such that it cannot be easily doctored. It reflects the pulse of the society. With its potential to bring people together, social media also holds immense promise as a tool for social change," says Gurudev, founder of The Art of Living and a humanitarian leader.

The representatives participating in the hangout include Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat, India; Bothaina Kamel, first woman Egyptian presidential candidate; Arnab Goswami, TV Anchor; Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister, State of Uttar Pradesh, India; Deepak Chopra, Spiritual Guru, USA; Dr. Myron Scholes, Nobel Laureate in Economics; Namal Rajapakse, Member of Parliament, Sri Lanka; Deylan Slachev, Youth Icon, Bulgaria; Rajkumar Hirani, Director of Films, India, Kumara Sangakkara, Cricketer, Sri Lanka; Jo Leinen, Member of European Parliament, Germany; and Dr. Kiran Bedi, Ex-Police Officer, India, among others.

Thousands of people from all walks of life have been actively posting numerous questions to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on issues that impact the very fabric of society and weigh heavily on the happiness quotient of individuals. The event has inspired the youth to take time out to think about what they can take responsibility for themselves. 

At a time when every corner of the world has been deeply affected by violence in one form or the other, be it school shoot-outs, national agitations, religious conflicts, or crimes against women, the event holds significant value as leaders will be uniting to deliberate on solutions to address these situations.    

Gurudev, known for his dedication to "a stress-free, violence-free world", has traveled around the world and devised programs to better conditions.

Where: Google+ Hangout

When: January 26th, 2013; 8:30 pm IST

How: Post your question before the 26th of January, 2013 on the Google+ page

Visit:  https://www.artofliving.org/hangoutwithsrisri