Harmony, thy name is woman

21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura,
Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 560082
4th February 2014
7 Feb 2014 to 9 Feb 2014

Accelerating global change, and giving a voice to women across nations and from pergent sections of society, the 6th International Women's Conference (IWC) will be hosted from February 7-9, 2014, by The Art of Living at its International Centre in Bangalore, India.

Fast becoming a world-acclaimed event, this year's conference, under the theme of 'Harmony - Evolution towards Perfection'- has a two-pronged agenda: advancing the status of women in fragile and post-conflict states and promoting girl child education.

The IWC conferences are attended by a varied range of organizations including Business, Governments, Public administration, International bodies, Non-governmental organizations, Banks and financial institutions, Academia, Media and Consultants.

The conference will see prominent women leaders like Ms. Kiran Bedi, Former IPS & Social Activist, India; Smt. Vimla Mehra, Director General, Tihar jail, India; Ms. Madhu Kishwar, Director Indic Studies, CSDS, Academic & Writer, India;  Hijran Huseynova, Chairwoman of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic, Azerbaijan;  Dr. Shakeela, Foreign Minister, Malpes; Ms Anne-Marie Lizin, Honorary Speaker of Belgian Senate, Belgium;  Ms. Merav Michaeli, Israeli politician, Israel;  Smriti Zubin Irani, Politician, Bharatiya Janta Party, India;  Menakshi Lekhi, India;  Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi, President Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee; Ms. Tanika Gray Valburn, News Editor, CNN, Atlanta, USA;   and Fashion designers including  David Abraham, Rahul Mishra, Ritu Kumar and Rina Dhaka; among others.

IWC will provide a space for all stakeholders to present their thoughts on the complex geopolitical and social dynamics which affect vital issues about women including gender inequality, domestic violence, women's' security and female infanticide.

Power-packed panel discussions, solutions and inspirational talks on an array of areas including overcoming societal challenges in a sustainable manner, moving from conflict to peace, from corruption to good governance, from crime toward non-violence and creating harmony between the inner and outer worlds will form an important part of the event.

An online session with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of the Art of Living on women - centric issues with inspiring women personalities from across the world will also form an highlight of the event.

Speaking about the theme, Bhanumathi Narsimhan, Chairperson, shares, 

"As leaders today, while we are dealing with solutions for gun control, bans on assault weapons and so forth on one hand, we have to create opportunities for education, employment and health care on the other. As a woman, as a mother, we are balancing these responsibilities and nourishing these values in our homes. It is very encouraging to see more and more women around the world coming forward to take responsibility and extend their abilities for the greater good of society."

Women who have contributed to societal welfare, change and awareness will be honoured with the prestigious Vishalakshi Awards, instituted in the memory of Gurudev Sri Sri's Ravi Shankar's mother, Vishalakshi Amma.

The IWC supports:

383 rural and tribal schools currently educating over 33,590 children.    Education for the girl child  •   Rehabilitation of female prisoners   •   Campaigns against female foeticide  •   Vocational training for Iraqi widows  •   HARA – HIV-AIDS Awareness in Rural Areas

For more details, visit: www.iwc.artofliving.org