Helping entrepreneurs find balance

18 Nov 2014

Busy ‘treps at Global Entrepreneurship Week learn how yoga can help them be more productive

Entrepreneurs will get more than they bargained for this week at the Festival of Entrepreneurship, with early morning yoga classes. The ‘Yoga for Entrepreneurs’ takes place every morning for the duration of the Festival of Entrepreneurship, and is coordinated by yoga instructor Yogita Lall from the The Art of Living, a personal development resources website.

According to Lall, yoga works on both physical and philosophical levels.

These classes teaches treps how to relax and keep their energy levels up. She says that every entrepreneur will agree that their lifestyle is not as glamorous as people might think.

“Running a successful business has a lot to do with being able to adapt to changing circumstances and knowing when to persevere or let go,” she says.

Yoga for business

Many successful business people credit practicing yoga for helping to balance their personal life with their careers.  American business magnate Russell Simmons in an interview in an Australian lifestyle publication said that through yoga he learned to manage stress and calm his mind, which in return helps him run his businesses. Even billionaire and serial entrepreneur Richard Branson finds time between running his empire to practice yoga with his family.

Here are three yoga techniques that Lall recommends for entrepreneurs:

  • Breathing: It may sound cliche but breathing is the best way to relax your mind. By breathing, she says, we can steady our mind and control our life.”
  • Meditation: Lall says meditating is another ideal form of relaxation as it brings peace of mind and that can help you take better decisions – which are in your best interest and also that of the organisation.
  • Light, physical activity: Anything from taking a stroll, to gardening, can help you relax your muscles and would make a perfect opportunity to reflect on work decisions.

Courtesy: SME South Africa