“A High Without An Expense”: A discussion with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

On the occasion of The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking observed on June 26, The Art of Living, conducted an event titled “A High Without An Expense” on June 19th.

People from different walks of life – students, working professionals, people from the world of medicine, international and national NGOs representatives came together to strengthen the commitment towards an alcohol and drugs free society.

A few highlights from the event:

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, shared his insightful views on the causes of addiction and how one could overcome addiction. He spoke about how the nature of the mind is to seek happiness and ecstasy and long for the highest form of peace and satisfaction and as a result how one gets into the trap of drugs.

According to Gurudev, people who are addicted to drugs, do not exhibit peace, ecstasy or freedom but instead become dependent, depressed and sick. He also says that this denotes that “drugs” is an empty promise and does not deliver.

Gurudev listed out 4 ways in which a person could overcome addiction:

Fear of disease : The fear of acquiring a disease or death due to drugs and alcohol may stop a person from being addicted.

Greed: If a person is given something which he values more than his addiction to drugs then that might help stop addiction, for the greed to acquire something that a person values higher might help let go of his addiction.

Love and care: Gurudev mentions that addiction can be overcome when you love or value something higher. Love is preferred over fear and greed. Fear and greed are the last options one should opt for. Love can elevate your consciousness, mind and body.

A bigger addiction: There is a form of addiction which is bigger and better than the addiction to drugs; something that can intoxicate you – which is love – love for the Creator – and this higher ecstasy can be found through meditation.

The interactive session covered a few questions on topics such a celebrities and drug addiction.

The event ended with a guided meditation session by Gurudev.