Hitesh Sharma

Hitesh Sharma, the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner of Himachal Pradesh and a senior Art of Living teacher is known for playing different roles that help draw out dispassion, contentment and enthusiasm from those around him.

Recognizing his abilities and unusual modus operandi, the Anti-Corruption Society of Punjab, after conducting a rigorous survey, recently awarded him for his honest services to the nation.  

As the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner, he handles the collection of taxes in three districts of Himachal Pradesh.

After doing his Teacher’s Training Course in 2002, his personal and professional life took an upswing. He observed, “Instead of receiving I’ve been more giving, and that for me has made all the difference.”

This award has been a mere stepping stone for the greater work he intends to do for the Master and the people of this country.