How 6 young women rekindled HOPE in Uttarakhand

24 Jul 2013

While death and destruction continue to hound the dark alleys of Uttarakhand, six young women dynamos of the Art of Living Foundation risked their own lives to bring about an awe-inspiring transformation in the scattered lives of several ill-fated women reeling in shock and grief ever since tragedy struck. 

The poignant tales reflect the beginning of a new chapter amidst the ruins. 

“I have finally found the strength to accept the reality that dawned on us,” says a grief-stricken Yamini, who lost both her sons in the flashfloods at Kedarnath on the fateful day of June 16. 

“I think I want to live now, so that my children will rest in peace.” 

Hundreds of women across the flood-ravaged areas feel touched and echo the same sentiment. They are slowly emerging from their shadows and letting out their steam. Quite a few are even stepping out of their homes and interacting with people who come to meet them. Better still, many are contemplating on shouldering their own responsibilities in their guardian’s absence. 

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