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To learn how to do Sudarshan Kriya, find an Art of Living centre close to you and enrol for an Art of Living course. Sudarshan Kriya is taught only in the course environment by a trained teacher using an audio cassette that contains instructions by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to guide you through the process. Each individual’s experience of the Sudarshan Kriya varies as it is a personal experience.

To learn Sudarshan Kriya, you need to join on of the following courses:

Course Age Group Course Description
ART Excel 8 to 13 years Skill development & stress elimination for children
Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES) 14 to 17 years Life skills development for young adults
Youth Empowerment and Skills (YES+) 18 to 32 years Develop leadership skills, confidence & improve relationships
Happiness Program  18 years and above Techniques for better health, happiness & stress-free life
Apex Corporate houses Achieving corporate excellence through better teamwork and productivity
Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) 18 and above Empower rural youth to develop leadership skills for social transformation
  • Identify a course in your age group. Art of Living courses are delivered in two formats: 6-days, 2-3 hours during weekdays; half days at weekend; and 3-days format, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.
  • Locate an Art of Living center close to you and find suitable course timings
  • Call the Art of Living teacher to register for the course

Sudarshan Kriya Audio and MP3

The Art of Living courses consist of various interactive sessions. These courses are experiential - participants gain more from the course by actively participating in the course activities. After learning the Sudarshan Kriya on the cassette, one also learns a shorter version of the Sudarshan Kriya for daily use (also known as Short Kriya).

Art of Living teachers go through rigorous and extensive trainings to gain eligibility to share the knowledge of Sudarshan Kriya with the masses. To ensure that you have the best experience during the course, the Art of Living teachers interact with you personally and provide proper supervision.

Each individual’s experience of the Sudarshan Kriya varies as it is a very personal experience.

After completing the Part I course, locate an Art of Living follow-up center near you to enjoy the Sudarshan Kriya audio during the weekly follow-up. Art of Living Sudarshan Kriya audio is not available in MP3 format.

You can hear the Sudarshan Kriya audio in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s voice at any of the Art of Living follow-up centers. Sudarshan Kriya audio is available only with Art of Living teachers to use it only for the benefit for the society and not for their personal use. This means, when Art of Living teachers want to do the Sudarshan Kriya while listening to the audio, they need to go to the Art of Living follow-up center - just as you do.

You can purchase various CDs containing instructions and videos to do various pranayams, guided meditations, and yoga asana CDs from the Art of Living bookstore.

Sudarshan Kriya audio is not available for sale. This knowledge is only meant to benefit the society through Art of Living teachers.

Is Sudarshan Kriya Safe?

The Sudarshan Kriya is patented and its audio is not available for sale, though you can purchase a CD containing the various pranayams, guided meditations and yoga asana CDs from the Art of Living bookstore.This is because the knowledge is meant to benefit the society through Art of Living teachers who have undergone rigorous and extensive training to teach Sudarshan Kriya. The Art of Living teachers will interact with individuals directlyfor any specific guidance and all with provide proper supervision. Art of Living Sudarshan Kriya audio is not available in MP3 format.

When you enroll for the course, inform the Art of Living instructor about your particular health conditions (if any, such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, psychiatric disorder). The Art of Living instructor will provide special directions based on your health condition.


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