Hungry for Power

Why are people hungry for power?

People are hungry for power because they want attention and recognition. Power is a means, just like money. Passion is for an end. People who do not see power or money as a means, but see it as an end in itself, they do not live, they simply exist. If you do not realize that you are THE power -- that is to say that you are enlightened, then you crave for power.

You crave for attention and recognition if:

  • You don’t have any talents.
  • You have no love or passion.
  • You are not innocent and childlike.
  • If you don’t have any talent and you are not contributing anything substantial to society, like an artist or a scientist, or an Art of Living teacher or volunteer, then you are hungry for power.
  • If you don’t have love or passion to bring about transformation in the society, then you are hungry for power.
  • If you are not innocent and childlike and don’t have a sense of belongingness with the whole world, then you are hungry for power.

Those who do not have any of these four, like some politicians, crave for power. The true power is the power of the spirit; real confidence, strength and happiness all spring from the spirit. And one who knows this and has this is not hungry for power at all.