IWC 2018

Chairperson’s Note:

Life comes to us like a gift, a very charming gift, but we seldom open it. It is all about opening and being open. If we miss the moment we are lost to that opportunity. We need to be alert.

The Brahmakamala is a beautiful flower that blossoms after sunset and is in full bloom in the secret of the night. We have to be awake when the world is asleep to catch this flower in all its glory. When the racing mind with all its likes and dislikes is asleep, in moments of deep silence, we can catch a glimpse of our inner beauty.

The plant is not so attractive. The leaves are long, thick and rubbery, and grow in any odd direction. And the flower comes of out nowhere on the leaf itself. But its texture is utterly soft, the petals are delicate, the colors so pure – one can’t imagine such a flower on this plant. In life, the circumstances that we are in may not always be pleasant. In fact, many challenges come up. But it is not about our surroundings, but who we are that matters. Everywhere there is a rough side, but instead of questioning it, if we culture our mind, refine our consciousness, we can blossom in any situation.

The journey of life takes mysterious turns at anytime. Every experience teaches us something new. Our efforts have predominantly been to demystify the experiences life throws at us. Spirituality is the dimension that enhances the mysticism. In these three days, we will throw light on the wisdom that life has offered us and share what we have gained with a vision for the betterment of humanity.

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