Indore: Yoga on track, literally!

21 Jun 2015

Train journeys can leave you with a sore back, but the 400-odd passengers on Jaipur-bound Ranthambore Express are not complaining!

The passengers practised yoga at the crack of dawn like thousands others across India on the International Yoga Day onboard the train on Sunday.

The unique exercise was carried out under the initiative of Sri Sri Yoga teacher Krishna Mishra, who had obtained permission to conduct a yoga session on the train from the Indore railway station manager and the Government Railway Police Force (GRPF) four days back.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Mishra said the yoga session started around 6 am when the train departed from the Indore station. "It came as a surprise to many passengers as they saw a person in a tracksuit instructing them in yoga, minutes after boarding the train. But once a few passengers started responding several joined in."

"By the time the train crossed Dewas and Ujjain more passengers had joined and when we arrived at Nagda station 400 passengers from different coaches we doing yoga."

Mishra was assisted by wife Aarti Mishra and sons Tanay Mishra and Tanisque Mishra in the exercise.

For Anubhuti Jain, 34, practising yoga for three-and-a-half hour on a moving train was nothing short of complete relaxation. "It was a bit strange in the beginning, but once fellow passengers joined in, my daughter and I happily joined the session."

Jain, who is travelling to Kota with her family, now wants to practise the asanas regularly. "The pranayamas left me feeling so relaxed. Though I did not do all the asanas today, I will try to do this daily once I reach home," she told Hindustan Times.

Another, Geeta Upadhyay, 43, feels that the idea was indeed unique and could be launched on trains permanently. "The time (onboard) could be utilised properly if it (yoga) is launched on all the trains, particularly in the mornings. It will be useful for everyone," she said.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times