Inner Truth: Thorn of Desire

Many times we don`t notice why we are sarcastic, or cynical, or frustrated and angry. Why does this happen? It is because of this thorn of desire. You need to pull it out and throw it, then you will feel uplifted and happy. If you are angry, you either hurt yourself or you hurt others. If you get angry at others, you become sad and if you are angry at yourself, even then you become sad. Many a times people don`t notice this at all. Even if one notices this, he doesn`t have the courage or willingness to remove it and throw it. First we should notice the cause of sadness. Why are you upset? You are upset because things are not perfect, or people are not perfect, or you are not perfect.

Only these three things can make you upset. You are either worried about your job, your relationships, or your health. Know that whether you have all these things or you don’t, you are going to die. The drama will be over. Life is a struggle when you have no knowledge. With knowledge, the same life which you considered as a struggle turns out into a sport. When you feel that the journey itself is a struggle, then nothing is satisfactory, even victory is as disastrous as failure. But when you see the journey as a path, as singing and dancing, the approach lightens up. Whether you are a villain or a hero, the play will be over. The moment you realise this, what happens? You are able to see things from a bigger context. Your consciousness which was limited, which was being crushed, suddenly expands.  Look back and see how many of your desires got fulfilled and how many have not been fulfilled.

Isn’t life still is going on? Can you see how you had been upset for nothing? As a baby you were upset about so many things, right? As a school child you were upset for trivial things. One friend did not talk to you and you got so upset. So now, wake up and see, it is all so silly. This realization is wisdom. This requires both self-effort and grace. You need to put some self-effort and then grace follows.

The author is a spiritual teacher and the founder of the Art of Living movement. 

Courtsey : DNA India