Inner Truth: You Are The Universal Wave

Everything in this creation has certain vibrations. Each animal is connected to the macrocosm and brings down a particular type of cosmic ray into the planet, that manifests particular vibrations. The gods are all depicted as riding on different vahanas (vehicles) -- elephants attract the vibrations specific to Ganesha; tigers, the Devi vibrations; peacocks attract the vibrations of Lord Subramanya.

Today scientists say, even if one animal species becomes extinct on the planet, the planet cannot survive. This is what our ancient people also said. So honour and respect every creature on the planet because God is present in every atom of creation. The whole creation is filled with consciousness, filled with knowledge. You are nothing but a particular vibration, a wave function, a frequency. Your body is emitting vibrations or energy all the time. You are losing energy and gaining energy from the cosmos. There is a continuous flow and every cell in your body is changing. You are exchanging energy all the time. Your consciousness is also a wave function and it has so many possibilities, so many avenues.

It is like the sun. When the sun shines in your window, you can’t say, ‘Oh I have captured the sun!’ The same sun will be there in the neighbour’s window as well, and all over the world. So the sun is here totally and there also totally. And you are just a vibration. As the body you can’t be everywhere, but as consciousness you can be in many places. If you have touched a flower, your vibrations have gone into the flower. So the whole universe is a field of consciousness.

Many times you meet someone and you feel that you should stay away from them. And with some other person, you feel like meeting them more frequently. Many times, you wonder why someone dislikes you. We are unable to understand this. This is because of our vibrations. Most of what we convey to people is simply by our presence. Through speech whatever is conveyed is on the next level, but first the vibrations in our presence influence others. We have to change our vibrations, make them more positive by doing meditation and pranayama. Vedanta and Buddhism talk about the same thing; both talk about that inner consciousness, only in a slightly different way. The emptiness in Buddhism is the fullness in Vedanta, that matter and everything is vibrations, and these vibrations keep changing, and it can change our life. It can bring what we desire or what we want for us.

Every day, for ten minutes meditate and become hollow and empty. If someone is getting annoyed, just say, ‘Hey! Wave function! The frequency has changed.’ If someone is happy, they have a different frequency. If there is jealousy, ‘Oh, they have changed to third frequency.’ If someone is upset, or depressed, ‘frequency has changed again.’ Would anyone be upset about the changing frequencies? No. So see everybody as nothing but frequencies. Then nothing will touch you. Enjoy the variety, enjoy the diversity and don’t lose your smile. 

Courtsey : DNA India