International Art of Living Summer Holidays in Croatia, Europe

21 Jul 2012 to 28 Jul 2012

International Art of Living Holidays in Croatia

Zadar, Borik: 21 - 28 July 2012

It is our great pleasure to invite you for another Art of Living Summer at the Adriatic cost, in Croatia. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the unique combination of relaxation, knowledge, beautiful nature, swimming, sunbathing, sports, dancing and singing on the beautiful Adriatic coast in Borik, holiday resort area in city of Zadar, Croatia.
Enjoy the scents and colors of Mediterranean, relax in the untouched nature and clear sea, try excellent vegetarian food.

During this week's holiday you and every member of your family, according to age and interests, will have the opportunity to be a part of one of these workshops and activities:


Program for regular Art of Living members

Morning programme
Sukshma Vyayama
Sudarshan Kriya
Knowledge and meditation programme
Satsang every evening


Art Excel & YES!

A program for children and youth that emphasizes creativity, friendship and self-confidence. We learn how to relax and handle problems and negative emotions, how to cooperate in a team, how to be happy and share happiness with others, and how to develop a sense of belonging - through a fun, interactive program full of surprises.
The workshop contains the basics of yoga and effective breathing techniques that helps remove fears. tension, depression and other negative emotions.

Art Excel workshop is designed for children aged 8-13 years.

Yes! workshop is design for youngsters aged 14-17 years.



Yes!+ is an innovative and dynamic educational program for students and young professionals aged 19-30 years. We learn how to improve life skills such as public speech and performance, time management, organization and priority setting, leadership skills, techniques to improve concentration, preserving psycho-physical health, creativity and how to be dynamic in action and calm at the same time.

The workshop is composed of challenging and fun physical exercises, yoga, practical knowledge, breathing techniques and interactive processes that improve concentration, memory and focus.


Art of Breathing Course

An introductiory AOL workshop intended for adults comprising practical knowledge as how to cope with everyday life challenges in this rapid lifestyle such as stress, anxiety and negative emotions; then interactive exercises, the basics of yoga, stretching and relaxing exercises, meditation and powerful breathing techniques, including Sudarshan Kriya, an unique breathing technique.

Reduced level of stress, more joy and enthusiasm, improved efficiency and productivity (at work and at home), greater self-confidence, a clearer perception and easier decision making, reduced health problems and improved overall physical and mental condition - are just some of the benefits offered by this workshop.

Yoga Course

Teaches the wisdom and techniques of yoga in a fun way. We will learn a very gentle and invigorating set of postures that have a beneficial effect on the body, Yogic breathing which brings more oxygen into our system, improves heart function and nourishes our whole body, and relaxation techniques for a full and deep relaxation.


Yoga Course for children aged 2-8 years

Dynamic and gentle exercises, breathing techniques and a lot of fun for the youngest. Parents can also attend the workshop and thereby have an experience of intimacy and trust.

Course prices vary according to your country's price list.

Flight connections:


(according to the desires accommodation can be arranged in hotels)

Full Board, Shower+WC room + Residence Contribution - 195. 98 EUR

Ref.No. 23311-2068-01

Group name: ART OF LIVING
Accommodation: multi-beded rooms with toilettes and showers in the room
Service: Full Board
Dates: 21.07.2012. - 28.07.2012.
First service: Lunch
Last service: Breakfast
Number of people: 1
Hostelling International membership: covered by 'Arts of Living - Croatia'

Payment can be made in several instalments (April, May, June, July = 4 x 96 €) by bank transfer.
At the reception it is possible to pay with VISA, Maestro and MasterCard - 3-6% contribution for credit cards.
Bank name, address, account number, IBAN and Swift code are in the heading (last two lines).

For:  Croatian Youth Hostel Association - Youth Hostel Zadar (or short: CYHA - YH Zadar)
Payment description/ purpose: Offer 23311-2068-1 'GUEST NAME(S)'
The reservation is confirmed after receiving the downpayment of 25% of value of the offer.
The full amount must be paid before arrival of the group OR at the reception after the check in.
The Residence Contribution IS included in the calculation. It is 1 € for adults from 29 years of age, and it is 0,50 € for youth (12 - 28 years).

Contacts & Infomation

Who: Katarina Bolfek
Where: Umijece zivljenja Hrvatska (Art of Living Croatia)
Address: Vranovina 28, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: +385 1 6110714      
Mob: +385 98 9173900      

Zadar, Croatia