International Women's Conference 2015

Bali, Indonesia
5 Apr 2015 to 6 Apr 2015

The 7th IWC will bring together women leaders from various spheres of life to explore ways in which women can impact the world around them.

The 7th International Women’s Conference, organized by The International Association for Human Values, Ved Vignan Maha Vidyapeeth and the Art of Living, will be held at Bali, Indonesia from April 5-6th, 2015.

The International Women’s Conference brings together women leaders from various spheres of society such as politics, the arts, business, media, and academia to engage in meaningful dialogue and sessions.

This year’s theme, “The Butterfly Effect-Everything Matters” seeks to highlight how the microcosm and the macrocosm are intricately connected. The Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory talks about how even a small butterfly flapping its wings can have an impact on the path of enormous hurricanes. In the same way, from the micro-level to the macro-level, every element, person and object in this world matters.

This conference will bring together exceptional women from around the world to share their stories and experiences. The discussions in the conference on the topics of ethical leadership and women, how we can care for our environment better, and what tangible actions we can take for peace, will craft a powerful agenda for action.

The conference will explore ways of using the inherent strengths of a woman and also imbibing the skills required to bring in the much needed positivity, peace and harmony. “The Butterfly Effect” of our inspiration, strength, and positive resolve in this conference is sure to make an impact on the world around us.

The two day program shall encompass the following sessions:

Day 1, Session 1: Ethics and Leadership – Where walking the talk matters.

This session will include discussing the responsibilities that leaders have and explore ways to create a sense of connectedness amongst all.

Day 1, Session 2: You and the Environment – Why Concern and Care for the Planet Matters.

This session will be a forum to understand ways to revive our connection with nature.

Day 2, Session 1: Women for Peace - The Basis of all that Matters.

This session shall discuss how inner-peace can make outer-peace a reality.

Day 2, Session 2: Social Media - Where Your Voice Matters.

This session will be a platform for how social media can be a responsible tool of transformation.

Come join us in the peace initiatives of The 7th International Women’s Conference and positively influence our collective future.