About Us

The International Women’s Conference (IWC)is a forum that aims to promote women as agents of peace, development, and ethical leadership. Launched in 2005 and hosted in Bengaluru, India, the bi-annual conference draws business, politics, academia, civil society leaders, and grassroots activists who share their insights about the connection between political, economical, and social progress and inner peace.

Creating an unprecedented network of women leaders and unsung leaders, IWC as a platform dissolves traditional barrier between people and highlights women who selflessly serve the world through grassroots activism, entrepreneurship, public policy, and spiritual knowledge. The conference specifically creates:

  • A Global Network: IWC unites women leaders in government, multilateral organizations, and private and non-governmental sectors across the world.
  • Action-Oriented Leadership: IWC has facilitated the education of over 4,000 girl children, planted 1 million saplings and organized four international dialogue platforms.
  • The Mobilization of Women as Leaders: IWC’s training module integrates spiritual wisdom, meditation, and yoga, allowing participants to harness the power of a stress-free mind.
  • Arts and Culture: The IWC showcases art and culture from all traditions in an effort to preserve and highlights the importance of cultural diversity.

Contact us

Phone number: India +91 93425 52503 | International +91 98866 60006 | Helpdesk +91 80672 62637

Email ID: iwc@artofliving.org