Jayesh Patel

Jayesh Patel

In 2001 I did my YLTP phase-1 in Surat. On the sixth day of the course a huge earthquake took place. We had heard about earthquakes before but never felt it - we didn’t know what it actually was. The first time when tremors shook us, we were very scared. We felt like we should leave the course and rush back to our homes.

But our teacher Girish Bhai had told us that SEVA, SADHNA and SATSANG are the only ways to enlighten you. That made us stay there, and on next day we were sent to Bhuj, where tremors were still shaking the land.

Everyone in Bhuj was very scared as tremors there were highest. Many people died and others were horrified. So over there in the village, we took Breath-Water-Sound workshops, and we did Satsangs. All those who had forgotten to laugh were laughing in the Breath-Water-Sound workshop. Bhavesh Bhai was also there with me. We took 54 courses in 18 days with him, in which more than 2000 participants were there. I personally took 16 Shibirs. Altogether throughout Bhuj I took around 70 courses in which more than 2500 participants were there. We did more than 20 Satsangs, this all happened in 2001.

After that we went to villages. At the start people usually didn’t support us but later the participation increased so tremendously, that in Wamda District I have taken more than 52 Shibirs and more than 100 satsangs, in which more than 2000 people joined our family. We will spread message of Satsang, Seva and Sadhana in the whole nation and we will accomplish Guruji’s mission to spread the message of love and peace.

Location: (Wamdha, Navsari District)

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