JULIANA PAES: Actress and performer from Brazil: The whole planet and also us, Brazilians, have suffered in our daily life with the corruption that happens in all sectors of society - health, education, basic sanitation, housing, transportation, safety and environment. Millions and millions are diverted from their original destination that is the population, and little has been done to change this situation. Corruption separates, diverts, creates barriers, and the worst thing is that it generates violence. We need to dissolve as soon as possible, these barriers and increase our sense of belongingness. The awareness that we are all responsible and that there is a connection between everything and everyone, we are responsible for everything and everybody, for our actions and our inactions. All of us need to join forces, and together put our intentions in collective and volunteer actions for the rescue of human values and the awakening of a new and unique consciousness. Because only walking together and with a common intention can we have the planet we need, and live the life we dream of, and that we can already live. We are all a one world family!

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: That’s wonderful. You know music and meditation go together, you can’t really separate them. In meditation, you experience the deep silence and that sound that is so harmonious in music that reinstates the meditative awareness in your active lives. So, music and meditation are very much related. Meditation will make life musical and music will bring that inner peace that will lead you to a deep sense of meditation.