From The Head to The Heart

From the business of the head to the business of the heart.

Entrepreneur Kamal Khimji has taught meditation in Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Canada , Switzerland, USA, India and Pakistan. She has taught in prisons, has taken part in women’s empowerment project, creating entrepreneurs from underprivileged rural women. She has also helped Omani youth deal with their nefarious substance abuse problems.

“I saw that the anger within the prisoners had reduced. They didn’t feel the need to take revenge anymore,” says Kamal

She moved from Mumbai to Oman after marriage. Soon she realized that there was no one to teach her children computer skills. At that time, there was a lack of information technology in Oman. So she decided to set up a franchise, “Future kids” to train children in computers. Today there are over 8000 kids who are a part of the program.

“They were all first generation computer learners from private schools and villages.”

Kamal did the Art of Living, after a friend told her about it, when her enterprise has established itself in Oman.  

“At that time, I simply liked the teacher and I felt good being there. There was nothing more to it. Then, I met the founder and there was no looking back. Today I understand that what I experienced at that time was pure joy. Now I can see how I have opened up and matured since that time,” says Kamal, who began to see that she simply wasn’t stressed anymore, even though doing business in Oman was frustrating what with the fact that by the time the government gave permission for the software and equipment, the next version would be released in the global market.

Around that time, Kamal’s students gave their first Cambridge exams in computer science.  “ Still, I felt that life was incomplete without spirituality, without putting a smile on their faces.”

That was when she decided to work full-time with the Foundation and wound up a part of her business, keeping only her school franchises.

“Earlier I wanted to become the biggest entrepreneur in Oman. But I was so inspired by the way that Sri Sri served so many people in the world without judging anybody. So I thought I should also aspire to put a smile on everybody’s face.”

According to Kamal, a woman has multiple roles to play in society. “ She has her duties to her household, to her family and children and to the society.” 

She has worked with homemakers in conducting best out of waste workshops, no plastic and healthy food campaigns. 

“ I sincerely wish for a stress-free happy world where both rural and urban women feel  a part of society so that they put their talents to best use.”

Kamal herself has seen herself grow stronger. “ I see that I’m able to become a better person. I’m able to see the order of things and embrace it. I see that day, by day, I’m able to live the knowledge that I’m learning.”

“ Doing what I do, I have also realized that there are no boundaries between people. India or Pakistan, people are so loving everywhere. If only they would realize that all they need to do is get rid of the stress in themselves and in the society. Then, there will be love everywhere.”

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Writer: Harshini Vakkalanka, Graphics: Niladri Dutta