Keep Just One Hour For Yourself & Practise Yoga, Says Kamlesh Barwal, Director, Art of Living

8 Jun 2016

If you need both motivation and inspiration to pick up a yoga mat and experience new energy and inner empowerment, here’s a chance to get a discourse on yoga from Art of Living founder Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be in Chandigarh on June 9 for the inauguration of the Yoga Festival, which will officially set the tone for the celebration of International Yoga Day on June 21 in the Tricity.

“Chandigarh is blessed to have an exclusive event with Gurudev,which no other city in India is having. Gurudev will share his perspectives on yoga and also give a discourse on the ancient Indian science, what it really is, apart from some music. The event is open to the public and is free, said Kamlesh Barwal, Director, Art of Living, Yoga. Now in Chandigarh from Bangalore for the special event, Barwal is heading and coordinating the celebrations of International Yoga Day in 150 countries, conducting free yoga programmes and seminars.

Barwal has been travelling extensively both in India and abroad for the past 14 years, teaching people from all backgrounds to manage mind, emotions and eliminate stress through simple yet profound and effective yoga techniques.

“We are living in times when more and more people, including the young, want to live a healthier and balanced life. They are conscious about their body, mind, food and a lifestyle which empowers them both mentally and physically. And the International Yoga Day helps us to reach out to more people with the benefits of yoga in its true form,” reflects Barwal. Removing self-imposed limitations, realising one’s full potential, living with joy and peace, Barwal says, volunteers across the country, including Chandigarh are working hard to help people experience the many benefits of yoga.

“I was going through a very serious illness, which made me virtually incapacitated, when my neurologist recommended the Art of Living programme,” shares Barwal.

What began as a mere practice for a healthy body and relaxed mind, soon became a lifestyle for Barwal, who was not only able to overcome her problems but also helped introduce thousands to a better lifestyle through pranayama, yoga and meditation.

“In 24 hours, keep just one hour for yourself and practise yoga. You will have no inhibitions and experience a liberation that is joyous,” promises Barwal, who has directed and acted in several videos and tutorial films on yoga.

Written by Parul.

Courtesy: The Indian Express