Lambadi youth begin soft skills training at The Art of Living International Center

11th September 2015

The Art of Living in association with Thanda Development Society, organised a 'Youth Leadership Training Program' for the Lambadi community at the Art of Living International Center Bangalore beginning on 11th August, 2015.

The inaugural event of the program raised awareness on the lack of basic amenities like food, water, shelter and electricity in the 'Thandas' where Lambadis live.

Lending his voice to the issue, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of The Art of Living and Spiritual Leader said, "Lambadis at one time were time very energetic and very enthusiastic. Now, they live in poor conditions without basic facilities. We have to ensure that they are treated equally and receive all facilities."

Mr. Bhojya Naik, President, Thanda Development Karnataka; Mr. B.P. Kaniram IAS, Director, Karnataka Public Service Commission; Mr. Hira Naik, Private Secretory of The Chief Minister of Karnataka; Mr. Ashwath Naik, Founder President of Bharat Banjara Sevalal Sene; Mr. Chandrappa, Member of Parliament, Chitradurg, Karnataka; Dr. Umesh Yadav, MLA Chincholi, Gulbarga; Mr. Belliah Naik, President, Human Rights Association, Telangana; Mr. Umesh Rathore, Industrialist, Pune; also attended the event.

"In Karnataka, these villages are not considered as Revenue Villages which deprive the people of basic amenities. We have to work to draw the attention of the government to fulfill their constitutional rights", said Mr. Ashwath Naik, President of Tanda Development Society.

500 tribal youth are participating in the first, three day 'Youth Leadership Training Program', beginning on the 11th of September. Participants will be taught soft skills and about schemes available from the government for their benefit.