LEX MELLING: Former Director of Police and Social Architect from Holland: It is a privilege to be in this discussion. I think it is a very important. As a former Chief of Police, who was working for more than 30 years. I am a Social Architect now working with new media The present situation is very distressing  with violence and a lack of respect. In training for police we want to improve mental resilience and all 40,000 police are getting this training. The government is working on this issue but it’s difficult. Maybe you have any suggestions about what our government can do? Aggression is mostly in group acts. How can individuals stand up against violence in groups?

Social medias influence on aggression is a growing issue as well. Sometimes people come together and become aggressive. How can we use social media in a positive way?

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: Yes, I wish every police officer like you would start asking these questions - how can we improve? How can we reduce stress in people? How can we create a sense of belongingness to them, a sense of responsibility and instill the self confidence? There could be many ways, a hundred and one ways; we should explore all the avenues and see how we can improve.

Mainly, people at the top should not sit in ivory towers; they should come down and have cordial communication with people, not just formal. Formal communication doesn’t help; it doesn’t touch the heart of a person. So, we need to touch  the heart of a man. That is possible when there is direct communication with the people at the top, as much as possible; sometimes, it may not be practically possible to communicate with everybody. Whenever you communicate; communicate with honesty, with simplicity, with clear intention or express that sense of belongingness you have with the other person; then the atmosphere changes, and people get inspired.

For decision makers, it is very important to take few moments of silence, sit quiet for a few moments; this will enhance the intuitive ability. Every single human being is bestowed with a faculty called intuition. Intuition means the action that you do with those thoughts, doesn’t go wrong; that is why you call it intuition. Right action coming to you in the form of a right thought. So to get the right intuition, right before you act; you need to get in touch with that inner space, the quiet space, even for few moments every day; it definitely makes a difference. So, enhance the intuitive ability and inspire people around you by your own action. Thank You.