LIVE modules

I: Awareness of Values and the Self

  • Understanding Human Values

  • The Human Nature - Seven Levels of Existence: Body, Breath, Mind, Intellect, Memory, Ego and Self

  • Sources of Energy

  • Prana and the Breath

  • Food: Types of food and its effects on body and mind

II: Nourishing Human Values

  • Responsibility and Commitment

  • Happiness and Compassion

  • Cause of Stress and how it affects emotions

  • Using the breath to manage stress

  • Sudharshan Kriya to heal negative emotions and release tension

III: Living Human Values

  • Being a role model

  • Bringing the mind to the present

  • Energy and the Mind

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Managing anger positively

  • Building self-confidence

IV: Inculcating Values in the Class

  • Teacher as a role model

  • Practical techniques to teach values to children

  • Handling difficult children

  • Improving friendliness between children

  • Communicate better

  • Feel more free and natural

V: Nurturing Values in Children

  • Children are the seed and the teachers are gardeners that need to nurture and tend to these seeds

  • Enhance creativity

  • Improve focus & concentration in studies

  • Be independent and responsible

VI: Understanding Teenagers

  • Handling the child's transition to teen

  • The nature of the teen's mind

  • Challenging issues of teenagers

  • Inspiring teens to remain committed

  • Be a friend and guide, who can help in choosing their career

VII: Evaluating Students Learning

  • Education is vital – How can we make a lasting positive change in children’s lives?

  • Evaluation of children’s performance & empowering them to excel

  • Identifying areas of improvement & effecting corrective measures